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NPO Kodomo Network Center Tenki-Mura

Kusatsu-shi, Higashi Kusatsu 1-1-15
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The Art of Playing: A pleasant living environment is designed by the power built by playing!

遊美術 Tenki-Mura was established in 1987, to reconsider and improve the environment where our children are put. Through the wholesome power of playing, children and grown-ups, both with or without disabilities, can all take a part in solving the problems in the environment surrounding our children. Tenki-Mura came to support an active way of living by promoting learning from nature, building places where parents and children can play together, and allowing the elderly and children with disabilities wholesome experiences.
 遊美術, "the art of playing", is a term created by Tenki-Mura, to express the beauty of playing with full enthusiasm; the desire to play. Through playing, children will find their individual, creative way of living. Also adults can, by playing, return to their child-like innocence and meet a new self, different from what they are used to being, discovering a pleasant way of living.
From now on, to consider the issues on our living environment in a more versatile way, Tenki-Mura is planning new types of social businesses, further polishing "the art of playing".

3 types of support, 13 different projects

Tenki-Mura offers 3 types of support, 13 projects in total, all of which let both young people and grown-ups benefit from cooperation between generations, learn together and design a better way of living.

Support for infants and children

  Konpeito Nature Daycare・・・Daycare where we play outside, 1-3 times a week

  Konpeito Club・・・Let's gather to play outside on Saturdays! For small children and elementary school students

  Summer Camp・・・3 day camp for children who want to experience traditional lifestyle

  Day Camp Wanpaku・・・During spring, summer and winter breaks

  Juvenile Disaster Prevention Training Program・・・Elementary school students learn disaster prevention while playing

  Children Green Keepers・・・Fun environmental experiences for small children

Support for parents and children

 Farm House "Zutto" Events・・・A break from the everyday life for parents and children; a real traditional experience

  Kusatsu Adventure Playground・・・Parents and children, let's all join the adventure playground on the 2nd Sunday!

  Kusatsu City Family Support Center・・・Become a member to search for and offer help with childcare

  Family Disaster Prevention Training Program・・・Disaster prevention program for small children and parents at kindergartens and events

Support for the elderly and people with disabilities

  Odekake Support Center・・・Transportation service for people with challenged mobility

  Dementia Support Day Service "Teru-Teru Motomachi"・・・A dayservice that offers you activities, and an active role

Creative Learning for Young People

  Sustainable Life Design School (Starting 2013)・・・A place to learn about social businesses aimed for young people